Ransomware Is Changing Rapidly: What Executives Need to Know

4 May

Most senior executives have heard of (or experienced) ransomware. They now need to know how it is evolving and what that means for the business. Here is a breakdown of the future of ransomware for your next executive presentation. Ransomware is all about the … Read More »

A Handy List of Cyber Stats for Your Next Executive Presentation

24 Apr

Sometimes there’s nothing more compelling than having the right statistic in your executive presentation. Here is a handy list of some compelling statistics I have recently collected. Depending on the level interest I receive from this post, I can put these out … Read More »

Senior Execs Have Cyber Fatigue? What You Have Here Is A Failure to Communicate

4 Apr

Senior leadership takes cyber security seriously – they often just don’t understand it. Here’s advice on how to keep them engaged in cyber.  Cyber Security has steadily risen to a top tier priority. CISOs are regularly asked to report directly … Read More »

Untangling The CISO’s Dilemma: Expanding Accountability, Shrinking Control

21 Mar

As companies become more connected, CISOs are being squeezed between increasing accountability and decreasing control. Here’s what you can do about it.   As companies make their way through their digital transformations, and weave technology into every aspect of doing business, CISOs have seen their executive … Read More »

Beyond the Jargon: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Corporate “Crown Jewels”

14 Mar

“Protect your corporate Crown Jewels” seems to be the modern day cyber mantra, but no one provides guidance on how to do it. So, here’s some practical advice. Ask a room full of executives if they really know what their corporate crown jewels … Read More »

Data Laundering: The Dirty Business of Stealing and Reselling Your Most Valuable Data

6 Mar

Hackers are stealing your most prized data, cleaning its illegal origins, and reselling it through legitimate channels – a growing threat to your critical operations Cyber attackers have been going after data for as long as there have been computers to hack. Whether they … Read More »

Your Next Big Disruption Could Be…You

18 Aug

Companies are in an identity crisis. They say that technology reshapes business. That’s true, but it’s not just about new technologies coming out. That has always been an engine for change. It’s more that the rate of new technology has increased … Read More »