Cyber Reality Check: Why We Are Our Own Worst Enemy (Part 1)

17 May

Despite continuously rising cyber security threats, we remain our own worst enemy. Below is a candid look at why we continuously fail to address our cyber vulnerabilities and what we can do to change our behavior. This is part one … Read More »

Ransomware Is Changing Rapidly: What Executives Need to Know

4 May

Most senior executives have heard of (or experienced) ransomware. They now need to know how it is evolving and what that means for the business. Here is a breakdown of the future of ransomware for your next executive presentation. Ransomware is all about the … Read More »

A Handy List of Cyber Stats for Your Next Executive Presentation

24 Apr

Sometimes there’s nothing more compelling than having the right statistic in your executive presentation. Here is a handy list of some compelling statistics I have recently collected. Depending on the level interest I receive from this post, I can put these out … Read More »

Hang On To Your Id…Here Comes Augmented Reality

15 Jan

Augmented Reality is looking to explode into our lives and change how we experience…well…almost everything. But the real power will come when Augmented Reality converges with other emerging technologies. If you can barely handle the reality you have, you better … Read More »

Mother Earth Gets a Central Nervous System: 1 Trillion Sensors

17 Nov

What if the Earth could Tweet? HP is lacing the earth with over 1 trillion advanced sensor nodes and interconnecting them into an immense environmental network. Called Central Nervous System for the Earth (CeNSE) project, HP Labs plans to cover … Read More »